Feel And Look Good In Your Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. Nurturing a life inside you is not short of a miracle. When you get pregnant, it is natural for you to not fit into your regular clothes. Here is where you start shopping for maternity clothes. Maternity clothes need not always have to be boring, if you add your own style statement to it.

Making the Most Out of your Maternity Wear

Many a times, the maternity clothes you see out there in stores might not be up to your expectations. The ones that you like might not be available in plus sizes. This can often leave you disappointed. Well here is some good news for you. There are many stores out there that offer plus size maternity wear in variety of designs and styles.

Below are some tips that can come in handy when you shop for your maternity clothes:

  • Look for two sizes bigger than your normal size
  • This helps in accommodating your growing body easily
  • Choose the right fabric such as knits or lycra
  • Last but not the least, choose clothes that make you feel comfortable

Simple maternity clothes can be adorned with simple accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Difference between Standard and Plus Size Clothes

It is quite natural to get confused when it comes to searching for maternity clothes. You might come across many grades and sizes, which might be alien to you. Clothes sizes are generally classified into standard and plus sizes.

Standard sizes begin from zero and stop at either 12 or 14. Plus size clothes begin after 14. This can again vary from one brand to another. It all depends on the body proportions. You might easily fit into a standard size, but the thighs might be too tight.

Different Options Available in Maternity Wear

Shopping for maternity clothes can actually be fun, provided you know what to look for. Think out of the box and get creative. You will be surprised with what wonders you can do with your plus size maternity clothes.

When it comes to achieving the perfect shape to emphasize your baby bump, you need to find the right clothes. Go in for V – neck tops or sweaters that can give an illusion of a longer neck. To accommodate your growing belly, you might want to consider faux wrap dresses, baby doll tops or even empire waist tops.

You can even go in for boho elastic skirts that can easily accommodate your growing body. If you have friends who are already mothers, you can always ask them to guide you in choosing the right maternity clothes for you.

You can even enhance your appearance by going in for bright colored lipsticks or shoes. This will bring out your features and bring attention to your face and legs.


The best place to shop for maternity clothes is Mommylicious Maternity, where you can choose from their summer collection, nursing collection and even formal wears. If you are looking for clothes for your baby shower, then you will not be disappointed with their baby shower boutique collection. Do you want to bring out your funny side? Do try their funny maternity T-shirts.

Teen Fashion Trends of 2016

Fashion trends are subject to change every season. Sometimes it changes every two or three weeks. New styles of women dresses keep coming up frequently. Teens specially come up with new trends all the time. They make their own fashion statements and set trends. This year, just like the previous years, new trends of clothing have been appearing among teen girls. Their outfits are not only stylish but also very unique.

Here is a list of the latest dresses that have been considered to be the most popular among the teen fashion trends of this year.

  1. Printed Clothes

Printed clothes have become the “it” factor of the fashion world today. Whether they are printed shorts, tops or trousers, different kinds of prints have overtaken the world of fashion. While some online shopping sites have more of the ethnic printed clothes, others have the floral and animal print clothes. The quirkier your prints are, the better your outfit is.  But the idea is to contrast your printed clothes with plain ones. It brings out the beauty of the prints clearly.

  1. Baggy and Over-sized Outfits

According to today’s teen trends, baggy outfits are on the top.  Oversized and baggy t-shirts over denim shorts or ripped jeans look extremely fashionable. It helps you achieve the distressed look utmost perfection. Besides these baggy sweatshirts has also become a popular trend. Even while going to the gym, you can be in style wearing the baggy sweatshirts over track pants. This is the best outfit for those of you who are trying to hide the extra fat in your body.

  1. Palazzos

Out of all the latest dresses today, palazzos have become a favourite among teens today. Palazzos are extremely versatile trousers that can both be treated as ethnic wear and western wear. While you can pair short sleeveless tops or tank tops with palazzos, you can also wear them with ethnic tunic tops. They make you look taller and slimmer. Whether it is a date or another normal day at school or college, palazzos can be worn to both.

  1. Asymmetrical Clothes

Asymmetrical clothes are the best among the new styles of women dresses. Both dresses and tops can be asymmetrical. If you plan to wear and asymmetrical dress to your date, wear shoes that are eye-catching. If you wear asymmetrical tops to your classes, pair them with leggings or jeans and finish the look with angle boots. Asymmetrical clothing suits all kinds of body types.

  1. Jeans

Jeans are an absolute favourite among teens. They are versatile because you can wear them as jeans, Capri or even shorts. Ripped jeans have the highest sales rate among the various online shopping sites. They can be paired with blouses, button down shirts, t-shirts, crop top and even tank tops.

So out of all these womens dresses that are a part of this year’s teen fashion trends, make sure you have own at least one of these trendsetting dresses. If you haven’t grabbed one of these latest dresses yet, visit the online shopping websites to get one for yourself!

Make This Eid A Special one for your Family and Loved Ones



Eid is definitely one of the most hectic times because you know that you have to attend a lot of guests every day and it would continue for 30 long days. We would help you out in this regard so that everything goes with a flow.

  1. Planning in advance: You can call a family meeting a week before and plan what you want to do on Eid day. Invite others over in the afternoon, and have dinner at a restaurant in the evening? Or vice-versa? Discuss ideas with the family, including all of the kids. And do not forget to conclude on the gifts for eid the most important part is talking about the menu and divide the cooking responsibilities instead of dumping the whole workload on mother. Every day one person should be the kitchen-in-charge who would cook the food. Because rest is essential for everyone as everyone is following the fast.
  1. Cleaning and decorating the home sweet home: This task has to be handled by every single member of the family. Maids and servants are there but they can be a good at cooking the meal while all of you are busy cleaning and decorating your own room. In case, there is enough time and the weather is warm, consider white washing the house and apply a new paint and some matching photographs or wall decals.

Balloons, lights, banners, and candles should be ready in your stock to light up your home every day. There can be a hoarding outside your house made of flowers that reads: Eid Mubarak

  1. Special delicacies for eid: Chalk out the favorite food of each member of the family which is not cooked on daily basis like biriyani, sheermal, etc. or it can be anything sweet, sour or in-between. The point is that Eid is special, and the food we eat on this day should be better and different from our usual meals. For your evening iftaar party the menu has to be different for different days and make this iftaar party funnier by keeping a blackboard and writing the menu on it.
  1. A family gift exchange time: Put each family member’s name in a basket or bowl and have each person pull one out. Whoever picks a person’s name has to buy or make that person a gift. One catch: babies have to get eid gifts from everyone. This would be really a funny game.
  1. Engage the kids to make DIY gifts for each other: It is absolutely ok to buy gifts for eid for everyone but to promote the sense of brotherhood from a younger age, indulging the kids into making their own DIY gifts for eid their siblings would be a great idea. It would keep their creativity in a check for sure.
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All You Need To Know About Pattu Silk Sarees

Pattu silk saree have been the pride of each South Indian lady since antiquated times. Ladies have favored silk sarees over cotton as they improve magnificence and class. You may have seen pure pattu saree in different outlines like Kanchivaram, Banarasi and Tussar that are sold like hot cakes in the business sector. In Tamil Nadu, virtually each lady claims a pure kanchi pattu saree.

Source and History

  • According to the myths, there was an expert weaver called Sage Markanda who weaved for gods. He even used the petals of the lotus blossom to weave a tissue. He knew the most loved fabric of all Gods – he knew Lord Shiva enjoyed cotton and Lord Vishnu loved silk. His mastery was gone on to his descendents which are presently called the Kanchi Silk Weavers.
  • The Kanjeevaram silk saree began from a town called Kanchipuram, otherwise called the Silk city, close Chennai in Tamil Nadu. According to popular belief, Kanjeevaram weavers settled in this town around 400 years back.
  • There were two primary weaving groups in this town; the Devangas and the Saligars. Everybody in the town wore silk garments and clearly no wedding was finished without the visitors wearing Kanjeevaram silk garments.
  • The weavers from these groups were perceived for their splendid weaving aptitudes and great Kanchi pattu silk saree.
  • The sarees woven subsequently are for the most part hand woven to outline the best collection. The celebrated weavers of the city of Kanchipuram have built up the specialty of developing delightfully composed sarees. The outlines are roused from the sacred texts and specialty of the temples.

Making of Pattu Saree

  • Kanchipuram sarees are not quite the same as different ones as these have differentiating shading plans. Various themes are delineated on these sarees. You have the swans, coins, moon, peacocks, sun, parrots,  lions,  chariots, leaves and mangoes.
  • These sarees are woven with pure mulberry silk. Three major shuttle are utilized amid the weaving procedure. The pallu is woven independently, as it is for the most part of an alternate color, and afterwards appended to the saree. It is known for their silk fabric, as well as eminent for their overwhelming zari work.
  • Uppada saree have likewise discovered their way to ladies who are enamoured with silk sarees. It is made through hand looms utilizing a cotton twist, in the old Jamdani style. These are acclaimed for their substantial zari work.
  • The uppadu sarees are separated by their length and broadness tally of strings, which are around 100 for each. While making this, two weavers handle one hand loom after which the dazzling zari work is finished.

Pattu sarees are celebrated in India as well as abroad because of the wonderful weaving done on delicate silk fabric. While Banarasi sarees have positively made an imprint in the field of design, Pattu sarees are not a long ways behind. Indeed, even Bollywood delights have made these sarees a piece of their closet. On-screen characters like Sridevi, Vidya Balan, Vaani Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor have worn Kanjeevaram sarees to different occasions.


Essence of Celebrating Indian Festivals Abroad

It is the traditional celebrations that makes you learn deeper about any culture. No matter whether it is a religious festival, commemorating a special bond or a national observance, it is hard to escape the strong cultural roots from where you come. When you move to a different place, you try to be a part of the local holidays and traditions of that particular country. Getting deep into the culture is a fantastic way to understand its people better. It is these cultural celebrations which will last with you longer than ever.

Being an Indian myself and staying in USA, in the past few weeks has made me celebrate occasions like Thanksgiving, St.Patrick’s Day and other such occasions of the similar sorts. When I shifted from India to USA, celebrating one of the traditional occasion used to uplift my mood and I used to be absorbed myself completely in the preparations that goes into it. It somehow made me feel excited and made me reel back to all those times which were so happily spent with my loved ones in India.

Celebrating traditional festivals keep you grounded to the cultural roots. And moreover, it allows others living overseas to witness the rich cultural heritage of India. And moreover, sharing culture also gives you more room to understand each other and also provides an excellent opportunity for intercultural exchange too. My kids will also understand why a particular festival is celebrated in India. This Rakshabandhan I was just thinking that will my sister be sending rakhi to USA this year like every other year. My kids started popping questions pertaining to festival of Rakshabandhan to which I explained that it is a commemoration of a ceremonial bond that exists between siblings.

UntitledWhile following your traditions even when you are abroad gives you a chance to witness something totally unique. After all indulging on those usual chores and doing all those things which you once used to do when you were back home in India made you feel special. It fills you with some bit of excitement and enthusiasm which always made you feel special. It allowed everybody to come closer to each other and spend quality time too and moreover it also gives a chance to our kids to stay connected to India and its traditions.

Well, as for the rakhi that I have been longing for my sister did send rakhi to USA with online delivery services and it was even delivered the same day. She had even complemented the rakhi with a gift hamper which had an assortment of rakhi, sweets and dry fruits which I had always been yearning for since the time I left India with the help of free shipping.



Look elegant with elegant dresses

Indian dresses are made up of high quality fabric material, which is very comfortable to wear and very beautiful in appearance. While go to the market for the sake of buying clothes we always have to follow the hectic procedure to look the favourite clothes in the market. Here in our size we will avail you most impressive as well as most good looking designs of salwar and kameez. In this global world of the technology you do not have to roam in the shop to shop in order to search the favourite dress. Salwar kameez is most popular dress of the Punjab and in all over India it is worn b the ladies as the Indian dress. It is the most comfortable and beautiful. We have long range of the beautiful dresses especially salwar kameez designs which look elegant on the women.

These dresses are casually won by the ladies and most of the ladies used to wear these dresses on very special occasion. It is the most desirable and most suitable dress of the ethnic wear. You can choose your favourite design online. Here you will have several options. We have long range of the colours according to different tastes of the persons. You will have varieties of the designs here. From the authentic site you can get the idea of the designs which are most suitable for you. You can get party wear as well as casual wears designs of the salwar suits. These are created by the experienced designers as well as people who have gain a lot of practice as well as experience.

All look alluring and the most wondering thing is that you will get it in very reasonable prices although these seem to be very costly. You will get the unique design of the clothes; you will have the different pattern of the design and work over the clothes which will really suit you the best. Thus you can wear your favourite salwar kameez in any occasion which will make you to feel confident and unique in crowd, we have great range of the designs as well as patterns. We love to dress you up with all our hard work and dedication. You will get the most desired material as well as most beautiful fabric in this site.

We care about your beauty and comfort thus brings for you the most authentic and real material to warp you up in the beautiful designs. We have clothes with embroidery as well as floral imprinting work. You will love the idea to select the dress with variety of the design and great pattern. It will save your time as well as money. You will get the most reliable things from the market. You will have great range from where you can choose the best one for you. We are determined to produce beautiful salwar kameez designs with awesome pattern which will suit on any skin colour and you will feel comfortable in them.

A World of Imaginative Weapons


Fantasy’, is something related to imagination. As the word depicts that fantasy means a world that is a source of pleasure for us. Things that can’t come true in the world of realm exist in imaginations. Fantasy world brings a charm for those who want to demolish the hardships of their lives. It is a world of escapism. A person seeks pleasure, harmony by getting escaped from the real world. In the world of magic, people perceive that every action could be performed via some special power or a fantasy weapon could do so. Perception varies from person to person.

Fantasy sword comes under the category of fantasy weapons. Each fantasy sword illustrates a fascination tale. If someone is in search of a fantasy sword it demonstrates that there is an absolute purpose behind such an inclination. Such a type of swords is served as ornamentals or decoration piece in this modern world of technology. In past, usually a person with distinctive traits carried a fascinated sword. Procedures of sword attainment vary in all the narratives. Some hero got the magical sword by birth, in the form of heritage. Some got by luck or by some saint who assumes that a man with a character could upend the evil.

Several qualitative swords are presented in the market that grabs the attention of volunteers. For this purpose, Final Fantasy swords for sale are available now. If you are among the admirers of such a fascinating sword, you can achieve it from the sword market or through an authentic source. Nowadays online services are availed regarding the attainment of such swords. Captivating swords have been designed for the people who are interested in the purchase of fantasy swords. Manufacturing of such swords are like its name, appealing and charming.

To bring the enlightenment in their work, the manufactures ( ) are trying their best to produce functional swords which reflects the effects of fantasy swords. Such functional swords are composed of carbon steel. Such steel crafts are the fruits of anime. The distinctive features of functional swords are different from the decorative ones. If you are a true admirer of swords then the point to ponder is the difference among the two. Decorative swords are eye captivating in a sense but they can’t perform the functions as a functional sword could do. Either you are purchasing the decorative or non-functional sword or a functional sword, do some research regarding the cost and material of swords.

The Growing Popularity of Online Jewelry Stores Across Popular Countries

With time there are many online services coming, cameo jewelry wholesale is something new in the list that brings for you whole new range of facilities and features. The best thing about this popular online store is that here you can find al latest and best of jewelry items that are presently trending in the market. The demand of online business is at its peak and with time it will become even more popular. The new in this list of online marketing is jewelry shops which brings for you all new range of designer items in one place. What’s more exciting about such jewelry item is that you can avail huge discounts on some of the best and attractive new items.


For shopping for any of your favorite cameo jewelry wholesale or other jewelry item you can easily visit any reputed online jewelry shop and select from some of the wide new ranges of designs and styles. There are some unique, iconic and edgy handmade designer items that are very tough to find. With reputed online portal you can select from different new designs and styles that are popular across different places. There are all range of jewelry items that vary from different price ranges, simply visit the portal and accordingly shop for your favorite designer made jewelry items.

With some of the best online portal not only you can shop for cameo jewelry wholesale at discounted rate but also select from wide range of pendants, necklaces, earrings, jewelry accessories, bangles as well as other designer items. Some of the design and styles available with the service provider are undoubtedly best and unique. Make sure you select the best of service providers and accordingly shop for any of your desirable jewelry item from the ease of your home or office.


5 Easy Fashion Tips That each Man Ought to know

Who states that males don’t worry about fashion? Most males actually would rather look their finest all the time and for those events, whether headed set for a day time of work or perhaps a day out having a special woman. The trouble arises whenever men try to look for sources associated with inspiration, news for that latest developments, etc. it seems there’s a lack associated with quality info concerning mens fashion, and the people are frequently left in order to fend with regard to themselves and attempt to learn how to dress using the latest style trends in your mind.

To get rid of the headache and also the hard function of staying along with the most recent fashion developments, take a glance at these 5 amazing tips made simply for men. These tips have the ability to look your very best and stay along with the most recent trends.

1. Why is you Comfy?

The most significant fashion top that must definitely be kept in your mind: keep this comfortable. Trying in order to dress like another person will depart you sensation very unpleasant and prepared to emerge from the clothes instead of flaunt these phones everyone that you simply see. Whether you’ll need a dress match or a set of jeans, make sure that it is the style, your style and that it’s comfortable.

2. Keep this Simple

One error that males often make using their style is actually overdoing this. A good guideline is to consider that an excessive amount of a positive thing makes it go unbelievably wrong, as may be the case along with fashion. Simple pieces can definitely stand outfit you’re pairing all of them together the proper way. Add the wristwatch but forget about!

3. The actual Shoes Issue

Your whole outfit could be compromised when the shoes aren’t complimenting the actual attire completely. Pay consideration to the actual shoes that you simply wear as well as ensure there are many pairs available to deal with all of the needs.

4. Forget Developments

This suggestion is one which will allow you to set your personal standards as well as styles whilst also assisting you feel much more comfortable regardless of what you’re putting on. What appears good upon Mike does not look great on Shiny, so don’t try in order to dress a particular way since you saw another person doing this. It is essential to observe what is actually popular as well as what’s presently trending however it might not be right for the style, and that’s okay.

5. Get Other’s Opinions

Knowing the other people consider your look might help boost your own confidence and assist saving face in the event of a style disaster. It’s really a friend, a family member -anyone that you simply trust to provide you with an truthful opinion can certainly help you away.

Looking great isn’t effort, and with one of these tips you are able to certainly allow it to be an simpler task rather than a main headache. Put many of these tips to make use of and very quickly you will like the way that you simply look as well as appreciate the brand new sense associated with fashion style you have acquired.

Resolving Online Style Shopping Difficulties

Every woman may be enamored along with pop press images associated with Carrie Bradshaw as well as her closet filled with stilettos, gazing lovingly right into a store’s show window which displays the woman’s current infatuation – custom shoes, and having difficulty with a good attire since it is a few vintage creation of the dead France designer. Oh, what ladies would do to possess that perfect of marking six buying bags on the windy morning with three of the girlfriends, hopping in one store to a different and taking pleasure in some list therapy. Unfortunately, this just happens upon TV. When a woman is stuck inside a town having a center which has a diner, a gasoline station along with a supermarket, there’s simply not a way shopping with regard to loop ear-rings or 3-inch sends, or actually wholesale sunglasses is simple.

But after that, that is actually where on the internet fashion is available in. Doing style, shopping online is definitely an answered prayer for a variety of people. You will find those who can’t stand the buying experience. They believe that shopping entails an excessive amount of effort as well as money as well as feel that it’s inconvenient to allow them to spend a lot of time on buying. There will also be people who like to shop, but tend to be too busy using their daily life, having to cope with family, work along with other matters. After that, there will also be those that, like the actual example provided earlier, don’t live within areas which resemble Ny. There are simply few people like going stores occasionally, and a few avid shoppers need to drive with regard to miles at a time just to visit an electric outlet store which unfortunately, is not as gorgeous as ladies shopping upon TV. Apart from, how are you able to make the most of low awards for bulk things like wholesale sunglasses whenever you keep upon buying via actual shops?

Wherever you’re on the planet, online style, shopping assists you to gain use of merchandise from a lot of shops, manufacturers and stock. There was previously three issues that made lots of shoppers unpleasant with the thought of shopping with regard to fashion on the internet. First is the thought of items that not match. This concern is extremely crucial in order to fashion products because clients may suddenly realize that since they didn’t fit the things before buying them, they come out not fitted well. That issue may be resolved by most online style retailers because they now provide free results and trades. The 2nd concern is regarding the amount of time items tend to be delivered. It was previously that on the internet shoppers grumble that through the time these people receive their own ordered products, the fashion has already been ‘last season’. On the planet of style, being timely is essential as developments become passé all prematurely. Nowadays, although, online shops offer shipping times with regard to as quick as 3 business times even upon international handles.

The final concern will be regarding people that love on the internet fashion, but reside in obscure areas. Aside through times with regard to delivery substantially slower, earlier online stores also billed exorbitant shipping charges particularly to clients abroad. Nevertheless, couriers these days have tie-ups along with international shipping companies, making transport first to some US emailing address prior to shipping within bulk in order to international locations. This process overall makes shipping charges a lot more affordable with regard to customers.